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  • Sarah Tavel

    Sarah Tavel

    native new yorker, SF-resident. general partner @benchmark. formerly product @Pinterest. originally blogging at www.adventurista.com.

  • Ramsri Goutham

    Ramsri Goutham

    Building AI SaaS Apps: https://questgen.ai/ and https://supermeme.ai/

  • JSC


    Interested in all things Venture, FinTech, Public Markets, Personal Finance, and Sports

  • Sarah A. Downey

    Sarah A. Downey

    Pro 1A. Operating Partner at Accomplice; founder/GP Yubari (angel fund); co-founder Blueprint Enneagram app; capitalist; esquire. I 🖤 weights, gaming, scifi.

  • Manoj Kukreja

    Manoj Kukreja

    Big Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Lakes, Cloud Computing and IT security specialist.

  • Erin Zhang

    Erin Zhang

    Hi, I’m Erin! I work as a trainee solicitor in London and am passionate about making legaltech and data science concepts accessible to everyone.

  • Bertrand Maltaverne

    Bertrand Maltaverne

    Procurement Digitalist. 👤: http://bmaltaverne.me

  • Ane Berasategi

    Ane Berasategi

    DevOps Engineer

  • Rachael Tatman

    Rachael Tatman

    Data Scientist, Linguistics PhD. I ♥️ machine learning, stats, reproducibility, R, Python, NLP and linguistics. @rctatman on Twitter.

  • Joyce Xu

    Joyce Xu

    Deep learning, RL, NLP, CV, and all that jazz. @DeepMindAI, @sidewalklabs, @Stanford

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